2. Writing Tips

Hello volunteers, this docs tells you how to write articles for DeepModeling tutorials.

You can just follow 2 steps:

  1. Write in markdown format and put it into proper directories.

  2. Change index.rst to show your doc.

2.1. Write in Markdown and Put into proper directories.

  1. You should learn how to write a markdown document. It is quite easy!

Here we recommend you 2 website:

  1. You should know the proper directories.

Our Github Address is: https://github.com/deepmodeling/tutorials

All doc is in: “source” directories. According to your doc’s purpose, your doc can be put into 4 directories in “source”:

  • Tutorials: Telling beginners how to run Deepmodeling projects.

  • Casestudies: Some case telling people how to use Deepmodeling projects.

  • Resources: Other resources for learning.

  • QA: Some questions and answers.

After that, you should find the proper directories and put your docs.

For example, if you write a “methane.md” for case study, you can put it into “/source/CaseStudies/Gas-phase”.

2.2. Change indexs.rst to show your doc.

Then you should change the index.rst to show your doc.

You can learn rst format here: reStructuredText

In short, you can simply change index.rst in your parent directories.

For example, if you put “methane.md” into “/source/CaseStudies/Gas-phase”, you can find and change “index.rst” in “source/CaseStudies/Gas-phase”. All you should do is imitating such file. I believe you can do it!

If you want to learn more detailed information about how to build this website, you can check this: